Just Donate




Not sure what you fancy buying yet, or want to make even more of a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children around the world?

Well, why not add a small donation to your shopping basket right now. We have set donations in amounts of £1 so that you can choose how much you want to donate by simply choosing the quantity of “Just Donate” products that you want to buy. There are many ways in which your money can help.

  • £5 Buys SCHOOL BOOKS & pencils for an orphan in South Africa
  • £10 Buys a months supply of VITAMINS for 20 street children in Manila
  • £20 Provides MEDICAL SUPPLIES for 10 children in a Ugandan slum
  • £50 Buys a BABY’S COT for a disadvantaged UK family

Don’t forget that danceaid is 100% volunteer-run so every penny we raise goes directly to funding our projects around the world.