Zumba to make a difference 31


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Book your spot on the dancefloor this coming Tuesday 28th June 8-9pm at Codicote School here…

Let’s dance through 2022, making this topsy turvy world a better place for traumatised children including those escaping the war in Ukraine, and those worst affected by the corona virus pandemic …

Together we have raised £2100 since we danced out of lockdown in April 2021, smashing our target of £1500 for the children!  Bravo and thank you dreamteam.

Here are just some of the children your donation will help to feed, educate, protect, and inspire across the UK, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiN3xCSXdro

Help fill the hole left by COVID by adding some feel good fashion to your basket from £10 @ http://shop.danceaid.org/product-category/tshirt/ or drink to make a difference with a danceaid water bottle for just £5 @ http://shop.danceaid.org/product/waterbottle/

Thank you for turning suffering to smiles with danceaid children’s charity.